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Why choose us

Seven reasons to choose our Sahodari's

Trained and skilled caregivers - “Sahodari”:

They are trained by experts in the field of breastfeeding, nutrition, medicine, hygiene and infection control, emotional health, mother and baby care to offer the best service

Compassionate and trustworthy

Our caregiver- “Sahodari” will be by your side through any challenges that you may face- whether it is big or small. We are committed to help you and your family have the best possible start to parenthood.

Personalized Support:

Tell us what you want and we will customize it for you. Whether you are looking for traditional or new age postpartum care, extended support or for 24 hrs. support, we will design the best care package for you.

Tech enabled service:

We believe in a Client –centered approach- Therefore our service is transparent, protocol driven, and we use our smart care solutions to meet your goals.

Safe and reliable care:

All our caregivers undergo medical screening for communicable diseases and background checks to ensure you and your baby are in the safest hands possible.


Our free Breastfeeding helpline offers you expert help and support for any breastfeeding challenges that you may encounter –at the touch of a button

Your safety- Our priority

Our Sahodari’s follow WHO protocol of hygiene and infection control with regular Hand washing, use of sanitizers, use of disposable mask and aprons, to ensure your safety at every step. We also take contactless payments.

Know your care giver

Sahodari’s are skilled and certified tech-enabled caregivers who provide the most reliable and safe care for new mothers and babies after childbirth.

The Sahodari’s undergo a comprehensive training program in the field of postpartum care and baby care which includes:

  • Postpartum Massage Therapy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Hygiene and infection control
  • Mother care ( Nutrition, emotional support, recovery Stretches)
  • C-section and perineum care
  • Baby massage and bath
  • Baby care ( Feeding, burping, swaddling, sleep, comforting, developmental milestones, immunisation first response)
  • Technology, communication skills, grooming and ethics.

From few hours of care to 24 hours support, Sahodari’s are here to make your transition into parenthood a smooth and stress free experience.

Care Giver Plan

The plan that suits everyone

Postnatal Healing Package

The ultimate recovery and rejuvenation package after childbirth
  • Gold plan - 15 days
  • Platinum plan - 30 days

Mother & Baby Care Package

Extended support for mother and baby after childbirth
  • Gold plan 8- 12 hrs/day
  • Platinum plan 24 hrs/day

Newborn Baby Care Package

The ultimate baby care after birth
  • Gold plan 8 - 12 hrs/day
  • Platinum plan 24 hrs/day

Breastfeeding Support Package

The right support at the crucial time
  • Gold plan - 1 hr/ day
  • Platinum plan - 1 hr a day/ 3 days

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New mothers love the care.

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Day Care, Live in Care
Verified, Skilled and Certified Caregivers

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