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Can husbands also experience emotional changes after childbirth?

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Depression in spouse after childbirth is a common phenomenon. New demands and responsibilities during pregnancy and the postpartum period cause major changes in a father’s life, too.

Some of the factors that affect emotional changes are.

  • Difficulty developing an attachment with the baby
  • Lack of support or help from family and friends
  • Changes in marital relationship, such as a partner’s lack of intimacy.
  • Feeling excluded.
  • Wife suffering from postnatal depression
  • Financial and work stress

The depression may manifest itself in different forms like irritability, fatigue, feeling sad or overwhelmed, difficulty in sleeping, change in eating pattern etc.

Some research also suggests that a father’s depression early in a child’s life puts the child at risk for development delays. So, if your spouse is facing emotional challenges please reach out for help. Talk to your family and friends. If its severe please seek medical help.

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