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How to choose a suitable breastpump?

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With so many options in the market, choosing a breast pump might seem like a daunting task. A breast pump can be a very effective aid in your breastfeeding journey. Read below to identify which one might be most suitable for your requirements and fits in your budget.

Option 1: Electric Breast Pump

You will be pumping regularly i.e. multiple times a day/week. If this sounds like you, then you will require an electric breast pump. If not, jump to option 2.

Electric breast pumps are easy to use, does not tire the arms as much as manual pumps and can express milk faster.

You can get single or double breasted electric pumps. As expected, you can express more milk simultaneously if using a double breasted pump. However, they are usually more expensive.

You can get battery powered or wired ones. Battery powered are convenient as it gives you flexibility of where to pump. But they can run out of power quickly. Buying one that has the dual option of battery and cable is the ideal choice.

Ensure your breast pump has multiple suction levels. It can take time to get used to the vacuum suction and it’s important that you increase the suction slowly as you get comfortable.

Electric breast pumps can be out of budget for many. Look up the option of renting an electric pump in your city. You will need to buy the accessory kit but it will still be a massive cost saving.

Option 2:  Manual Breast Pump

If you always at home and require a pump for occasional situations like a night out or leaving the baby at the grandparents’ house, a manual pump should work for you. It is cheaper than an electric pump. However, it takes effort to use a manual pump. Quantity of milk expressed can be lower due to difference in the vacuum suction which is related to the arm strength of the mother.

Hope the above guidelines were helpful in choosing a breast pump. Always remember, quantity of expressed milk is not a direct measure of how much milk you are producing. A baby feeding at the breast takes in significantly more milk than what is expressed artificially.

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