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How to get relief from postpartum emotional changes for dads?

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Becoming a dad can be exciting and overwhelming. Most people know about the emotional changes in woman during pregnancy and early motherhood. But it is very common for new fathers also to feel stressed in the initial phases of parenthood. And this is called paternal anxiety. But there are ways to manage this emotional change.

  • Get involved in handling your baby, Fathers can also get involved in things like burping of baby after feeding, changing diapers, put the baby sleep after feeding, offer bottle feeding (pumped breast milk) making healthy foods for mom, etc.
  • Give skin to skin contact for baby. Fathers can also give skin to skin contact to baby; It calms, soothes and reduces stress
  • Be a part of an online support forum and ask your concerns
  • Talk openly to your partner about your feelings. Intimacy is not limited to sex. Hugs, Kiss also can help you stay connected as your partner recovers from childbirth. Both of you can openly share your feelings and about how you both are going to adjust with new life.
  •    Play with your baby: Seeing your baby’s smile can be a good stress reliever
  • Seek help: Don’t hesitate to consult with a doctor if needed.

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