Mother and Baby Care

If you are looking at some extended support and rest after birth, this is the right package for you.  With our 10 Hrs or 24 Hrs Mom and baby care package, you will get plenty of rest and support to transition smoothly into the new phase of parenthood.

The package includes

Postpartum Massage Therapy for mum (Massage, herbal bath, abdominal binding)

Fumigation of vaginal area and head if requested

Breastfeeding support

Support with nutrition and and emotional health

Easy stretches

Baby Care (feeding, swaddling, skin care, sleep, comforting, etc)

Hygiene and infection control

Vitals check

Baby massage and bath

Mother & Baby Care Plans

Extended support for mother and baby after childbirth

8-12 hrs care

Gold Plan

24 hrs care

Platinum Plan

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Day Care, Live in Care
Verified, Skilled and Certified Caregivers

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