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Postpartum care and Ayurveda

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The first few weeks and months after chid birth is very important for the new mother. This is time when the uterus shrinks back , the muscles ,tendons and ligaments regain the power and lot of emotional changes takes place. Hence, maternal care is of utmost importance during this period.

Why Postpartum care:

Studies have shown that when new mothers receive proper postpartum care, they

  1.  Are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression.
  2. Have better digestion and bowel movements
  3. Improved milk supply
  4. Improved immunity
  5. Less fatigue and faster rejuvenation
  6.  Better bonding with the baby.

In Western medicine, there is no standardised postpartum care regimen for the mother and baby. However, in Ayurveda, postpartum period is considered as a period of rest, rejuvenation and bonding. Hence Postpartum care of mother and the baby has great significance.

Ayurveda refers to a woman as Sutika for 90 days after delivery and recommends special care and diet during this period. The Ayurvedic post-partum care uses a specialised approach which includes:

  1. Massage and bath: Massage with special ayurvedic oils is integral to maternal care after delivery. This helps to tone the body, heals the tissues, relieves aches and pains, releases toxins , relaxes the body, promotes sleep, improves lactation etc.
  2. Abdominal banding: Has many benefits including toning the abdominal muscles, back support to relieve backache etc.
  3. Baby care: Massage with special oils improve sleep, relieves digestive issues, tones the skin and muscles etc.
  4. Usage of specially formulated Ayurvedic preparations.: It includes safe herbal preparations for mothers that can enhance lactation, tissue repair, cell regeneration, and digestion. However, at times, the medicines are prepared by women who assist in postnatal care, who are not skilled and trained in Ayurvedic care. So, it is important that this is done under the supervision of an Ayurveda doctor.
  5. Advice on diet that can support mother’s digestion, lactation and rejuvenation.

Proper care and treatment childbirth is not only beneficial during the immediate postpartum period but has long term health benefits. The care mothers and babies receive following birth greatly influences their wellbeing for years to come. By adopting a Ayurvedic approach to postpartum care, new mother and baby can have a healthy and best start to this important transition in life.

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